Buying A PA System For A Small Venue

A majority of small sites lack the proper sound system to host a band or a solo act. Some do have sound systems, but they aren’t good enough to deliver a clean sound that is packed with definition and clarity.


We reviewed many different PA systems, and we are confident that we can sell you a system that will serve you well.

 Prepackaged VS all-in-one modular PA systems

Choosing a prepackaged option will save you some money. As all necessary elements for the creation of a good sound are included in it. This is an excellent choice for groups or solo acts that don’t have enough money to buy separate pieces of equipment. A system like this can be set up in no time, and you don’t need a sound guy. Yamaha EMX5016CF/ S114V is an excellent high-quality sound system package that beginners can use without any problems. Beginners should go with this option, but those that want to prove themselves should take sound systems more seriously.


JBL EON ONE Linear-Array PA system is a great example of an all-in-one modular PA system. It delivers a high and clean sound to all corners of the room without the loss of the quality. It comes with a bass-reflex sub-woofer that covers the weak spot that other similar sound systems possess. It has a six-band mixer that isn’t too complicated to operate. And thus your sound guy doesn’t have to be a full-professional to operate it. It comes with Blue-tooth which allows for movement of the elements that makes it easy for progressive bands to perform.

If you or your band has a plan to go big and start doing regular gigs. Then a sound like this is a must. Hiring a professional sound guy is also smart as it will improve the overall quality of the sound as they know what they are doing.

Portability is everything for less-known artists

The Portability of a PA system might not be important for famous performers. But it is crucial for less-known bands and solo artists. IF you want both portability and performance, then you will have to pay a lot for it. Visit our store, and you will find many such PA systems with affordable prices and the option to pay them over several months rather than a one-time payment.