Fender Mustang GT 200 – A Guitar Amplifier Every Professional Need

Fender is a well-known manufacturer of music products. They have glued themselves on the top of the music industry through the production of high-quality guitars and other music gear. Their popularity came from both the retro style and sound to the superior quality of their equipment.

Some of the biggest rock stars use Fender products, and that is a proof of their quality. What we want, here at Atlanta Music Brokers, is to check whether their new products live up to their name. In this post, we will take a look at the Fender Mustang GT 200 and check whether it is good as they say.

Fender Mustang GT 200 – As good as they advertise

The quality versus the price of the Mustang GT 200 doesn’t come as a surprise when you consider the quality of all Fender products. This product is excellent because it brings back some Fender classics like ’57 Twin and ’59 Bassman. The response while playing is good, and intensity and volume handling can be considered as best on the market.


Mustang GT 200 comes with 11 classic amp recreations, and a lot of people are interested in knowing whether the sound is faithful to the amps it recreates. If you didn’t have the opportunity to use a classic amp, then this product will satisfy your desire. The problem arises when you try to create the same sound as with the amp in question. Mustang GT 200 comes very close, but it can’t fully recreate the vintage amp. No product can do that.

Fender caters to all types of musicians

Mustang GT 200 isn’t all about vintage amp sounds, and that is to be expected. It contains 109 factory presents that include amps from a broad range of rock and metal from the whole history of the said music. Add over fifty effects (everything from fuzzes to reverbs), and you can create an amazing sound.

New age musicians are all about tech, and the option to pair the Mustang GT 200 with an application of the same name is something that many will find appealing. The application is easy to connect and use.

If you want to make music, then don’t buy amplifiers and other equipment. As it will cost you more than one thousand dollars. But buy Fender’s Mustang GT 200 as it costs just over five hundred dollars.