The Reface Of Yamaha Keyboards

Joel’s Notes is a review site where we check new products and share our findings with you. But we also tend to put some products in the spotlight. Those products have to be something that will have a great impact on music, even though big names won’t use them. In this post, we will take a look at refaced Yamaha mini keyboards.

 What are these mini keyboards all about?

Vintage Yamaha keyboards and synths have gained quite a following, and many famous artists still prefer them over new products. Yamaha saw the love their old products were getting. But they didn’t want to follow the usual trope and release products that are identical to vintage synths and keyboards.


Yamaha approached the refacing process from a different angle and decided to create several mini keyboards that are perfect for particular things. Those products aren’t good all-around, but they are the best for things for which they were made.

All of the mini keyboards are ready to get connected to the USB and computer the moment you take them out of the box. Yamaha also offers a broad range of accessories that you can attach to the keyboard to increase the range of sounds you can create.

Yamaha mini keyboard models and their specialization

Yamaha came out with four different mini keyboards, and each of them has a particular purpose.


Reface DX recreates the familiar sound of the DX series of synths that hit the market back in 1983. DX has a new FM engine that adds up to the original. As it can create more complex sounds than the old model.

Reface YS (Yamaha Combo) recreates the original electronic organs with which the Yamaha entered the music market. This product recaptures prog-rock and psych sounds for which the 60s were famous. Dance music producers will find this product as an excellent addition to their equipment as it can create percussion for every keyboard note.


Reface CS is a powerful piece of equipment that uses multiple oscillators to create a broad array of effects and sounds. This is a perfect synth for those that prefer letting creativity out and experiment with new sound combinations.

Everyone loves electronic keyboards that Yamaha came up with back in the 70s. Reface CP recreates the sounds those keyboards made through the tremolo and drive settings as well. As clavinets and pianos that the said vintage products created.